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Model Number :Rubber Cable
Certification :CE, ISO9001
Place of Origin :Henan, China
MOQ :100m
Payment Terms :L/C, T/T
Supply Ability :650 km per Month
Delivery Time :1-4 weeks
Packaging Details :Wooden Reel, Iron-wooden Reel, Steel Reel
Rated Voltage :600/1000V
Conductor Type :Stranded
Conductor Material :Copper
Sheath Material :Crosslinking
Specification :1.5sqmm to 400sqmm
Range of Application :Mine

Rubber Insulated Mining Cable Eco Friendly Flexible Reeling Cable




Flexible Reeling Cable Description



The cables are suitable for movable facilities such as movable cranes for container, lifts, movable bigger facilities, grab dredgers and the sites of machinery stress caused by mining on the ground/well bottoms.




Part Name Outer diameter approx(mm) Net weight per 1000m(kg)
03X25 + 3G6 + 2X1.5 27 1250
03X35 + 3G6 + 2X1.5 29.3 1550
03X50 + 3G10 + 2X1.5 33.5 2300
03X70 + 3G16 + 2X1.5 38.5 3150
03X95 + 3G16 + 2X1.5 42.5 3850
03X120 + 3G25 + 2X1.5 46.5 5100
03X150 + 3G25 + 2X1.5 54 6100
03X185 + 3G35 + 2X1.5 58.5 7200
03X240 + 3G50 + 2X1.5 63.5 8950
03X25 + 3G6 + 2X2.5 27 1313
03X35 + 3G6 + 2X2.5 29.3 1628
03X50 + 3G10 + 2X2.5 33.5 2415
03X70 + 3G16 + 2X2.5 38.5 3308
03X95 + 3G16 + 2X2.5 42.5 4043
03X120 + 3G25 + 2X2.5 47 5540
03X150 + 3G25 + 2X2.5 54 6450
03X185 + 3G35 + 2X2.5 58.5 7560
03X240 + 3G50 + 2X2.5 63.5 9398
04G16 22 860



Flame-retardant: VDE 0482-332-1-2/IEC 60332-1-2

Oil-resistant: EN 60811-2-1



Conductor :bare copper wire , flexible ,class5

Insulation: XLPE

Reinforce Core: High Tension Soft Textile Material

Inner sheath: Polyurethan , Yellow

Reinforce Layer: Braiding , High Tension Soft Textile Material

Outer Sheath: Polyurethan , Yellow

Core identification: colours acc. to VDE 0293 (HD308)


Technical data:

Rated voltage: 0.6/1KV

Max. Conductor operating Temperature: 90 °C

Permitted outer cable temperature, fixed, °C: -40 – +80 °C

Permitted outer cable temperature, moved, °C: -30 – +80 °C

Bending radius: fixed installation: 6 D , moving application 8D

Maximum tensile strength at the conductor: 25 N/mm²

Operating speed random, m/min.: 180 m/min.

Operating speed festoon, m/min.: 200 m/min.

Flexible Reeling Cable Packing

A: Roll of 100 m. 

B: Reel of 1500 m. 

C: Reel of 1000 m. 

D: Reel of 500 m. 

E: Multiple Reels of 1000 m. 

Z – Length to the client's requirement.




A: We are cable manufacturer with 15 years production experience and more than 10 years export experience.


Q2: What`s your export business type / customer groups? 

A: Our business includes: Retail, wholesale, government project supply, private engineering supply, international bidding, customer requirements production, OEM , etc. And our customers are : Retailers, Wholesalers, Electric Power Companies, Oil companies, EPC companies, Electrical equipment manufacturers, Factories, Agents, Brokers , etc. No matter which field you are in , if you need cables , just contact us !


Q3: I do not know how to choose what I need. / I have not found the cable type and size I need on this page.

A: Please do not worry. Contact us and send us your requirements, we will help you to choose correct cable you need. If you have below information is better: Cable voltage, conductor material, Insulation and Outer sheath material, armor type. Otherwise you can provide us the cable installation environment, application requirements, etc.


Q4:What’s your MOQ?/ How long is your delivery time?

A: MOQ & Delivery time both according to different product, product size, production construction. Welcome to contact us for further communication. Anyway, we will try our best to support you!

We are China 1.5sqmm Mining Rubber Insulated Cable Eco Friendly manufacture and supplier,You can get more details with Email,you will get cheap price or factory price.

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