ACSR Aluminum Conductor Steel ReinforcedAAAC ALL Aluminum Alloy Conductor

What’s the AAAC Conductor?

AAAC conductor is a type of aluminium alloy conductor used for high voltage power transmission. AAAC conductor comes in category of overhead conductor.

Concentric lay stranded Aluminium Alloy Conductors (AAAC) are made out of high strength Aluminium-Magnesium-Silicon Alloy. Galaxy Electric manufactures and supply AAAC with different variants of electrical grade alloy type 6101 and 6201. one or more strands of hard drawn 1350 aluminium alloy.

AAAC conductors provide a higher strength to weight ratio than traditional AAC conductors, and better corrosion resistance than ACSR conductors.

JYTOP can manufacture & supply AAAC on Non returnable wooden/steel reels or Returnable steel reels.

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Bare aluminum alloy conductors made of 6201 Aluminum alloy are wrapped helically around a central wire.


ASTM B-398: Aluminum Alloy 6201-T81 aluminum alloy conductors
ASTM B-399: Concentric Lay stranded 6201-T81 aluminum alloy conductors

AAAC Conductor Specifications:

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AAAC manufactured by Galaxy Electric meets or exceeds the requirements of all international standards like ASTM, AS, BS, CSA, DIN, IEC, NFC, SS -etc

Few More thing you should know

What’s the advantages of AAAC Conductor?

First of all, aaac has higher strength and corrosion resistance than aac and acsr conductor. The aaac conductor has high strength than aac conductor, that is to say, the aluminum alloy conductor allows a long span. And because there is no steel core in aluminum alloy conductor, the aaac has more excellent corrosion resistance than acsr. So it can even be used in sea coat area and polluted industrial areas. If the overhead line needs to cover a long distance and requires for high corrosion resistance, the all aluminum conductor, like conductor flint and aaac greeley will be your good choice.

Besides, the aluminum alloy conductor has excellent conductivity. On the one hand,the aaac cable has strong current carrying capacity. On the other hand, aaac wire is homogeneous, so there is lower electrical less during the transmission process. This performance is what we need.

Where can you get the high-quality aaac cable with best price?

Because the aaac wire owns the definitely advantages, and the aluminum is similar with aluminum alloy. So some conductor aaac manufacturers may use the aluminum to replace the aluminum alloy, or the quality of the aluminum alloy is not so good. For the long-term cooperation, we never do the things, which may break the customer. You can find in the aaac conductor catalogue. Galaxy Electric is indeed a very reliable company. In the aaac conductor price list, you may find the aaac conductor manufacturers india are very cheap. But you may know the cheapest aluminum is in China. And in China, the aluminum of Henan is the cheapest. Galaxy Electric is located in Henan, so choose Galaxy Electric, you can get the best price.

How to choose AAAC Conductor?

As we all know, Cable AAAC has different standards and types, so the demands of customers are different. Every AAAC wire has a code name or number. When you purchase the conductor AAAC, you just need speak the the code, the seller will know what you want. If you don’t know the exact code name, it doesn’t matter. As long as you know AAAC conductor specifications, as professional aac manufacturers, Galaxy Electric Group can customize for you.

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