11kv supplies to Gaborone’s new CBD, Botswana

GE Cable acted as the cable supplier in the 11kV reticulation cable project. The new cables allowed our client, Botswana Power Corporation, to provide service connections to the new Gaborone central business district.

Service Provided:
As Supplier, we provided the following services: tender preparation, technical support including cable design and accessories selection, cable and accessories manufacturing and shipment.
Key facts
At the start of our involvement, the new Gaborone central business district already had demarcated plots and some basic services, eg water, sewage and roads
Electricity to the district was required for the developers to be able to start constructing buildings
The district land stretches across approximately 1.5sq km
According to the request by the tender, single core 300sqmm and 240sqmm and many other sized three-core 11kV power and fibre optic cables were required by the project.
The delivery period is 2 months
The cable routes to be selected constituted various possible permutations in the plethora of plots, streets and other services, which determine many different kinds of cable will be used in the project. And accordingly, require better performance on technical support service/cable manufacturing and better communication skills.
To better our service and save troubles, technical teams from both parties held 3 meetings(once on installation site, twice in China factory) on studying related technical requirement and counter technical proposals. And the sales team also contributed all their efforts on service during the meeting and negotiation.
Value and benefits
Efforts made by all related people enable the power supply to the new district and also potential further development.
It is also good chance for our staff to learn team work and service skills in this kind of complex project.


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