4 Core 35kV HV Armoured Electrical Cable IEC 60502 Standard

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Brand Name :HOLD-ONE
Certification :ISO,IEC,KEMA
Place of Origin :China
MOQ :500 Meters
Price :US$0.5~125 per Meter
Payment Terms :T/T, L/C
Supply Ability :10,000 KM a Month
Delivery Time :7-10days
Packaging Details :Wooden Drum
Product Type :Armoured Electrical Cable
Voltage :Up tp 35kV
Standard :IEC 60502 Standard
Insulation :XLPE
Armor :SWA
Sreen :Copper tape
Cores :4
Sheath Material :PVC / PE / LSOH
Standards :IEC / BS / IS / VDE
Warranty :2 years

4 Core 35kV HV Armoured Electrical Cable IEC 60502 Standard

The Armoured Electrical Cable is suitble to be fixed wiring of power device, power lighting of home electric equipment and instrument, inner wiring of electric enquipment, instrument, eletron equipment, automatization device etc.


1 ….. stranded bare copper
2 ….. inner layer of semi-conducting material
3 ….. core insulation of cross-linked polyethylene
4 ….. outer layer of semi-conducting material
5 ….. semi-conducting tape
6 ….. screen of copper wires

7 ….. Fillers strip, Yarn, or Paper
8 ….. Non woven Wrapping tape or Flame Retardant

9 ….. Extruded PVC Inner Covering

10 …. Galvanized Steel Tape Armoured
11 …. Overall Sheath: polyvinylchloride (PVC) or FR-PVC, PE, LSOH

MV(11kv 15kv 33kv) Power Cable
Model and Description Uo/U(Um)=3.6/6(7.2), 6/6(7.2), 6/10(12), 8.7/10(12), 8.7/15(17.5), 12/20(24), 18/30(36), 21/35(40.5), 26/35(40.5)kV No.of Core Conductor cross-section area(mm2)
xlpe insulation 1 core 3 core 10 16 25 35 70 95 120 150 185 240 300 400 500 630 sq mm
Cu core
YJV, N2XSY;PVC sheathed power cable
YJV22;steel tape armoured,PVC sheathed power cable
YJV32,YJV42;steel wire armoured ,PVC sheathed power cable
Al Core
YJLV, NA2XSY; PVC sheathed power cable
YJLV22;steel tape armoured,PVC sheathed power cable
YJLV32,YJLV42;steel wire armoured ,PVC sheathed power cable


International: IEC 60502, IEC 60228
China: GB/T 12706
Other standards such as BS, DIN and ICEA upon request

Technical data

Maximum Conductor Temperature: under normal (90 OC), emergency (130OC) or short circuit no more than 5 s (250℃) conditions.
Min. Ambient Temp. 0 OC, after installation and only when cable is in a fixed position
Min. Bending Radius: 15 x cable O.D for single core
12 x cable O.D for multi core

Test voltage 6 / 10 kV [kV] 21 / 5 min.
12 / 20 kV [kV] 42 / 5 min.
18 / 30 kV [kV] 63 / 5 min.
Temperature range in motion -5°C till +70°C
fixed -20°C till +70°C
Operating temperature short circuit °C 250
Short circuit time max. [sec] 5
Bending radius min. x diameter 15
Flammability standard EN 60332-1-2


ISO,CE, KEMA ,IEC, RoHS, CCC, P3C and more others at request

Ordering Advice

Rated Voltage

Application Standard:IEC/BS/UL/GB

Number of Cores

Conductor Size $ Construction

Type of Insulation

Armored or unarmored. If armour, the armour type & material

The Requirement of Sheath

Length of Cable & Packing Requirement

Other Requirement

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