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Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :

1000 meters

Price :
USD 1-5

Payment Terms :
L/C, T/T, Western Union

Supply Ability :
1000 km per month

Delivery Time :
10-20 days

Packaging Details :
standard export packing in wooden drums or boxes

Product Name :
Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced Electrical Conductor Bare Wire

Conductor :
Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced

Application :
Overhead Transmission

Insulation material :

Standard :
ASTM B 549, etc.

Warranty :
1 year

Aluminum Clad Steel Reinforced ACSR AW Electrical Conductor Bare Wire ASTM B 549


ACSR/AW bare aluminum conductor is an overhead wire composed of aluminum-clad steel wire as a reinforced core and twisted hard aluminum wire. Compared with ordinary steel-cored aluminum stranded wire, aluminum-clad steel-cored aluminum stranded wire has 5% lighter weight, increased current carrying capacity by 2 to 3%, reduced sag by 1 to 2%, and reduced power loss by 4 to 6%, and Good anti-corrosion performance, long service life, simple structure, convenient erection and maintenance, and large transmission capacity. It is widely used in transmission lines of various voltage levels and transmission lines requiring increased aluminum-to-steel cross-section ratios. It can also be used in transmission lines in coastal areas, salt-alkali beaches, and third and fourth-level industrial pollution areas.


Having the advantages of corrosion resistance, high electric conductivity, etc., the ACSR/AW is ideal for overhead power transmission lines. With huge market potential, it is used for high-voltage overhead transmission lines installed under highly corrosive environments, electric railways, and so on.


ASTM B 549, etc.

ACSR / AW has the following advantages as compared to conventional ACSR

ACSR / AW is identical to conventional ACSR with the only difference in the core where AW (aluminum clad steel) wires are substituted for galvanized steel wires. In many instances when compared, it has better properties than the conventional conductor.

1. Reduced power loss

2. High corrosion resistance

3. Less weight

4. Higher weight to strength ratios


Product name Bare Aluminium Conductor
Certifications CE/CCC/ISO
Conductor material Stranded Aluminum
Insulation Material None
Section Area 10-1000 sqmm
Packing wooden drum
Warranty one year

Precautions for storage:

(1) Bare wires are afraid of damp and chemical corrosion. They should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse. It is strictly forbidden to store them together with acid-base substances, corrosive solids and gases. The relative humidity in the warehouse shall not be greater than 70%.
(2) Do not overlap unpackaged copper wires and aluminum wires to avoid electrochemical effects and corrosion of aluminum wires.
(3) Bare wires should be protected from mechanical damage during storage and transportation, and various molded wires should be avoided from twisting and folding.
(4) Bare wires packed in coils should be placed upright. When coils of bare wires are stacked, they should be stacked with stows. The height of the stack should be 1.5-2m. The shape of the stack must be neat to avoid collapse. The width is preferably 2 rolls for easy inspection.
(5) Bare wires must be inspected regularly to prevent corrosion and deterioration during storage.

Bare Aluminium Conductor

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