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Brand Name :Zhenglan cable
Model Number :RVS Wire
Certification :3C,ISO 9001:2015,ISO 14001:2005
Place of Origin :China
MOQ :Negotiable
Price :Negotiable
Payment Terms :L/C, T/T,
Delivery Time :5~10 days
Packaging Details :Rolls
Material :Class 5 Copper
Insulation :PVC insulated
Application :for home usage
Conductor type :Soft copper
Running Voltage :300/500V;450/750V;
Color :Black-Red or as request;

RV / Flexible Cables with Class 5 Copper Conductor PVC Insulation For Building

Flexible Wire is called copper-cored PVC insulated stranded connection use soft wire, pair twisted multi-stranded soft wire, referred to as twisted pair cable, commonly known as "flower wire" in China. At present, this kind of wire is mostly used in fire fighting system, also known as "fire line".

Construction characteristics

Conductor: stranded flexible copper class 6 ( annealed or tinned)


Electrical characteristics

Rated Voltage Uo/U:300 / 500 V

Standard: JB/T8734.3-2012

Maximum working temperature: +70 °C

Packaging: 100m/roll or as request

Usage of RVS twisted pair:

1. Detector circuit for automatic fire alarm system.

2. Applicable to household appliances, small electric tools, instruments and power lighting lines. Double white core is used for direct connection of lamp head line, red and blue core for fire protection, alarm, etc., red and white core is used for broadcasting and telephone lines, and red and black core is used for broadcasting lines.

3. Used for connecting power amplifier with audio equipment and broadcasting system to transmit audio signal amplified and processed by power amplifier.

PS: As per customer’s requirements, cable can be made into flame retardant wire, fire-resistant wire, low smoke halogen-free wire, termite protection wire

Remarks: Flame retardant, fire resistance (adopt mica tape), low smoking and Halogen free, or other property are available.

ZR cable (flame retardant cable) is the kind of cable with PVC insulation built mixed with fire prevention additive to make it have the capability of preventing or retarding flame spread during combustion.

There are 3 grades of fire prevention available which are

Grade A It is the highest level of flame retardancy. That is, the insulation material, filling rope, fastening (inner cushion) belt/layer and sheath material used in cables are all flame retardant materials.

Grade B Except the insulation material, all other materials are flame retardant.

Grade C Only the sheath material is flame retardant

NH cable(fire resistant cable) is the kind of cable built with a layer of mica tape. Even if the plastic skin is burnt out, refractory layer will help not cause short circuit. When wiring, cut off the refractory layer at the wire head.

LSZH,LSOH,LS0H,LSFH or OHLS cable(Low smoke zero halogen cable)is cable with insulation or outer sheath built using low smoke zero halogen free material to help reduce toxic and corrosive gases produced during combustion.

Termite-proof cable is the cable built with insulation or outer sheath mixed with a kind of materials to prevent termite biting the cable.

RVS Wire Data Sheet

Core no.×nominal sectional area Single wire diameter(mm) Insulation thickness(mm) Outer diameter(mm) 20 ℃maximum conductor resistance(Ω/km) 70 ℃insulation minimum resistance(mΩ/km)
Annealed copper Tinned copper
2×0.5 0.16 0.8 6.0 39.0 40.1 0.016
2×0.75 0.16 0.8 6.2 26.0 26.7 0.014
2×1.0 0.16 0.8 6.6 19.5 20.0 0.011
2×1.5 0.16 0.8 7.2 13.3 13.7 0.010
2×2.5 0.16 0.8 8.2 7.98 8.21 0.009
2×4 0.16 0.8 9.2 4.95 5.09 0.007
2×6 0.21 1.0 10.6 3.30 3.39 0.006

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