Flexible UGEFP Mining 15KV CPE Jacket EPR Insulated Cable

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Model Number :SHD
Certification :CE
Place of Origin :Henan
MOQ :500meters
Payment Terms :L/C, T/T
Delivery Time :30days after payment
Packaging Details :Iron-wooden drum
Conductors :Soft or annealed tinned coated copper
Ground conductor :Tinned copper
Insulation :EPR
Jacket :CPE
Color :Ted
Voltage :8.7/15KV

8.7/15KV Rubber Flexible UGEFP CPE Jacket EPR Insulated Copper Trailing Mining Cable



Product Description



This product is suitable for high-voltage rubber sheathed soft rubber with ethylene propylene rubber insulated neoprene sheath for heavy equipment with a rated voltage of 8.7 / 15kV and below.



Description Material Dimension
Phase core Tinned flexible Cu Wire, Class5 ≤0.41mm
Cross sectional area   70mm²
Core color natural colour with black semiconductive layer /
Max. D.C. Resistance at 20 ℃ / 0.277Ω/km
Conductor Screen Semi-conducting compound 0.4mm
Insulation EPR, rubber compound 5.5mm
Insulation screen Semi-conducting Tape 0.4mm
Earth(Netrual) Core Tinned flexible Cu Wire ≤0.41
Earth Core Numbers 3 16mm²
Insulation Semi-conducting compound 2.0mm
Filler Material(if any) Rubber based compound  
Inner sheath Black Rubber compound 2.8mm
Antitwisting protection: Textile braid of synthetic yarns between inner and outer sheath /
Outer sheath Red CPE 4.5mm
Overall diameter (approx.) / 68mm
Weight per km (approx.) / 7400kg


Technical parameter:



area mm2
Approx. overall
Approx. weight
20℃ Phase Core Insulation Resistance
3×16+1×16 58.5-63.5 4648 610
3×25+3×10 56.2-61.2 5168 550
3×35+3×10 59.2-64.2 5861 500
3×50+3×16 63.1-68.1 7166 440
3×70+3×16 69.5-74.5 8771 390
3×95+3×16 74.0-79.0 10126 350
3×120+3×25 79.0-84.0 11827 330
3×150+3×25 83.3-88.3 13554 300
3×185+3×35 87.6-93.6 15489 280






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Packaging & Shipping

Packing Material: Coil (For small size & short length) , Wooden Drum , Iron-Wooden Drum , Steel Drum

Shipping: Loading port from Qingdao or Shanghai , 12-24 hours from facotry to sea port



Company Information

CN Cable Group is specialized in development, design, production, sales, installation and technology service of wires & cables and accessories. We have strong manufacturing capacity and rich export experience for more than 15 years. The main products of the company include: Power cables up to 500KV, bare conductors (AAC/AAAC/ ACSR/ACAR/Galvanized steel wires, etc.), ABC cables, Electric wires and Electric equipment cables, Rubber cables, Special cables, cable accessories, etc.


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