Heating PVC Insulation 0.5mm2 1100v Single Core Cable

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Brand Name :

Certification :
ISO 9001, SGS

Place of Origin :
Qingdao, China


Payment Terms :
L/C, T/T

Delivery Time :
7 Days after received deposit

Packaging Details :
Wooden drum

Supply Ability :

Product name :
Single Core Wire

Outer Jacket :
Clean & Smooth PVC

Insulation Material :

Conductor Material :

Color :

Application :
Heating, indoor/ outdoor /industray supply

Single core cable description

Single-core cables consist of a single conductor covered with PVC insulation. They are mainly used in power supply and lighting circuits for home and commercial applications. They are also used in the internal wiring of equipment suitable for installation in conduits and ducts. The single core wire is a cylindrical metal wire. In the single core wire, there is only a single core of metal, mainly copper or aluminum.
These wires have different thicknesses and specifications.

• For household use

Single-core wires or cables are widely used for household purposes. They are mainly used in electrical appliances. These wires can withstand a good load, which is why they are more popular in home use.

• can withstand high temperatures

The ambient temperature of single-core cables is very high. These cables are good conductors of electricity and heat. These will not melt or burn easily.

Single core cable parameters

Nominal Cross Sectional Area (Sq. mm) No of Strands/Max. Strand Diameter (mm) Nominal Insulation Thickness (mm) Maximum Diameter Over Insulation (mm)
0.5 16/0.2 0.6 2.6
0.75 24/0.2 0.6 2.8
1 32/0.2 0.6 3
1.5 30/0.25 0.6 3.4
2.5 50/0.25 0.7 4.1
4 56/0.3 0.8 4.8
6 84/0.3 0.8 5.3
10 140/0.3 1 7
16 126/0.4 1 8.1
25 196/0.4 1.2 10.2
35 276/0.4 1.2 11.7
50 396/0.4 1.4 13.9
70 360/0.5 1.4 16
95 480/0.5 1.6 18.2
120 608/0.5 1.6 20.2

Advantages of Single Core Wire

  • High conductivity
  • Temperature resistance
  • Optimum strength
  • Available in hrfr/frls/zhls
  • Bare Copper & Tinned Copper

Single Core Wire Application

The cables/wires are used generally in building wiring, feeder and branch circuits, and internal secondary industrial distribution. They are installed in surface mounted or embedded conduits or similar closed systems and for fixed protection, and on lighting fittings and inside appliances, switchgear and control gear.

The cables are also used for general purpose, as building wire for power, lighting and control wiring. They can be place into trucking and conduit.

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