IEC60227-7 400MM2 Multicore Control Cable LV Annealed Copper Wire RVVP

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L/C, T/T, Western Union

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1000 km per month

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10-20 days

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standard export packing in wooden drums or boxes

Product Name :
Low Voltage RVVP Multicore Control Cable

Conductor :
Annealed Copper Wire

Insulation material :

Rated voltage :

Jacket :

Number of cores :

Type :
Low Voltage

Standard :
IEC 60227-7

Low Voltage Annealed Copper Wire RVVP Multicore Control Cable With IEC 60227-7


1. RVVP implementation standard JB/T8734.5-2016
2. PVC insulation
3. PVC sheath
4. The conductor is multi-core annealed bare copper stranded
5. Two or more core wires are twisted into a cable
6. After being cabled, it can be shielded by aluminum foil
7. Bare copper wire or tinned copper wire braided shielding net
8. The rated voltage is 300/300V
9. The normal working temperature does not exceed 70℃
10. Product CCC certification


Instruments, meters, intercom, monitoring, control installation, audio broadcasting


Product name Multicore Control Cable
Certifications CE/CCC/ISO
Standard IEC60502-1
Rated Voltage 300V/500V
Conductor material Copper/Aluminum
Insulation Material PVC
Armoured Material None/Steel Tape/Steel wire
Jacket Material PVC
Number of cores 1C,2C,3C,4C,5C,3+1C,3+2C,4+1C
Section area 1.5MM2 – 400MM2

The difference between RVVP and RVV

1. Conductor structure:
-RVV cable: The full name of RVV cable is copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible cable, also known as light PVC sheathed cord, commonly known as soft sheathed line, which is a kind of sheathed cord.
-RVVP wire: copper core PVC insulated and shielded PVC sheathed flexible cable, also known as electrical connection anti-interference flexible cable, rated voltage 300/300V.

2. Outer sheath:
-RVV wire: RVV wire and cable are two or more RV wires plus a layer of sheath.
-RVVP wire: RVVP is a kind of soft conductor PVC insulated wire plus shielding layer and PVC sheath multi-core flexible wire.

3. Color:
-RVV cable: Generally speaking, the sheath of RVV cable is black and white.
-RVVP cable: The outer sheath of the RVVP cable is only black.

4. Use:
-RVV line: Mainly used in control signal transmission line, electrical equipment, instrumentation, automation equipment, security and anti-theft alarm system, high-rise building intercom system, household lighting connection line, etc.
-RVVP cable: RVVP cable is mainly used for communication, audio, broadcasting, sound systems, anti-theft alarm systems, intelligent automation systems, automatic meter reading systems, fire protection systems, etc., which require anti-interference line connection, efficient and safe transmission of data cables.

5. Shielding layer:
-RVV line: RVV is an unshielded cable.
-RVVP line: The "P" in RVVP refers to shielding, which means that the RVVP wire has a shielding layer, and RVVP has a stronger anti-interference ability against external signals.

Multicore Control Cable

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