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Brand Name :
Zhenglan Cable

Model Number :
Service Drop Cable

Certification :
3C,ISO 9001:2015,ISO 14001:2005

Place of Origin :
Henan, China


Price :

Payment Terms :

Supply Ability :

Delivery Time :
15-18 days

Packaging Details :
Wooden case, wooden-steel case, coil or plastic drumor customized

Conductor Material :

Insulation Material :
black XLPE

Application :

Quality :
100% test

Standard :

structure :

Core number :
2core, 3core, 4core

Voltage :

0.6 / 1 kv aerial bundled cable overhead use supported CAAI cable

Overhead line is a line which is erected by tower to transmit electric energy at a certain height. For the high-voltage transmission and distribution network, the ground insulation of the overhead line is generally based on air, and the distribution line (except 380V under 10kV) generally uses bare conductor. However, due to the complex urban distribution environment, short-circuit grounding and lightning strike often occur, resulting in the decrease of power supply reliability. So far, the overhead line under 10kV generally uses insulated conductor (that is, the outer layer of conductor is wrapped with insulation layer), which is the so-called insulated overhead cable.

0.6 / 1 kv aerial bundled cable CAAI cable for overhead use construction

Conductor: Aluminum Wire, 1350-H19 for Electrical Purposes, Aluminum Conductors, Concentric-Lay-Stranded.

Insulation: XLPE, PE


GB/T 12527-2008, IEC60502,
Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV
We can also manufacture ABC cable according to customer's special requirements.


0.6/1kv single core XLPE covered aluminum cable is used for transmitting electric power overhead, extensively used in rebuilding of urban and forest region electrified wire net. It improves the safety and reliance of electrified wire net.

0.6 / 1 kv aerial bundled cable CAAI cable for overhead use parameters

SI.No. Description and Type of Cable Number of Wires Thickness of XLPE Insulation Approx overall Diameter Approx Weight of Cable Breaking Load of Messenger Maximum D.C Resistance AC Current Rating
Phase Messenger Phase Messenger Phase Messenger Amps
mm mm mm Kg/KM KN (min) Ohms/Km In air at 40°C
With insulated messenger conductor
1 3 C x 16 mm2 + 25 mm2 (insulated)+16 mm2 7 7 1.2 1.2 23.5 369 7 1.91 1.38 62
2 3 Cx25 mm2 + 25 mm2 (insulated)+16 mm2 7 7 1.2 1.2 25 457 7 1.2 1.38 82
3 3Cx35 mm2 + 25mm2(insulated)+16mm2 7 7 1.2 1.2 27.5 554 7 0.868 1.38 103
4 3 C x 35 mm2 + 35 mm2 (insulated)+16 mm2 7 7 1.2 1.2 28.4 586 10.1 0.868 0.986 103
5 3Cx50 mm2 + 35mm2(insulated)+16mm2 7 7 1.5 1.2 32.5 760 10.1 0.641 0.986 127
6 3Cx70 mm2 + 50mm2(insulated)+16mm2 7 7 1.5 1.5 37.5 1007 14 0.443 0.689 154
7 3Cx70 mm2 + 70mm2(insulated)+16mm2 7 7 1.5 1.5 39.5 1070 19.7 0.443 0.492 154
8 3 C x 95 mm2 + 70 mm2 (insulated)+16 mm2 19 7 1.5 1.5 42.5 1304 19.7 0.32 0.492 188
9 3 C x 120 mm2 + 70 mm2 (insulated)+16 mm2 19 7 1.6 1.5 46.8 1550 19.7 0.253 0.492 218
10 3 C x 150 mm2 + 70 mm2 (insulated)+16 mm2 19 7 1.8 1.5 50.8 1860 19.7 0.206 0.492 248

0.6 / 1 kv aerial bundled cable CAAI cable for overhead use​ images

0.6 / 1 kv aerial bundled cable CAAI cable for overhead use​ packages

About Zhenglan Cable Technology CO., Ltd.

Zhenglan Cable Technology CO., Ltd.,formerly known as HENAN Zhengzhou Cable Co., Ltd., is one of the large scale backbone enterprises in China's wire and cable industry. The company's registered capital is about 4 million 6 thousand yuan and its headquarter is located in 49 floor of the South Tower of the Greenland Center of Zhengzhou high railway station (Petronas Twin Towers). The factory is located in the Zhengzhou cable science and Technology Industrial Park of the Wuzhi industrial area. It is a modern industrial park integrating advanced research and development technology and production technology.

The main products of the company are 9 major categories, 10 product series and 60 varieties, including all kinds of bare wires, power cables (cross-linked cables, plastic cables, etc.) special cables (fire retardant, fire resistant, low smoke and halogen free cables), control cables, overhead insulated cables, cloth and wires, tec. The company’s leading products include 1KV, 10-35KV XLPE cables, plastic cables, irradiated cables, special cables, overhead conductors and so on. The company’s products are produced in strict accordance with national standards(GB), and can be produced in accordance with International Electrotechnical Commission Standards(IEC), CCITT, British Standards (BS), German Standards (DIN), Japanese Standards(JIS), American standard(ASTM), French standard (NF) production, but also according to customer requirements for non-standard cable product design and manufacturing to meet different customer needs.

0.6 / 1 kv aerial bundled cable overhead use supported CAAI cable​ FAQ
Is your company a factory or a trade company?
Factory, more than 20 years in China
How long can I expect to get the sample?
After you pay the freight charge and send us confirmed files, the samples will be ready for delivery in 3-7 days. The samples will be sent to you via express and arrive in 3~7 days. You can use your own express account or prepay us if you do not have an account.
What are your payment terms?
We normally accept T/T 30% deposit, 70% balance before delivery as the main payment terms, and other payment can also be negotiated. Trade assurance on Alibaba is also available.
What’s the delivery time?
Sample order needs 3~5 days. Formal order depends on the quantity. Usually it needs 7-30 days after get your payment.
What is your MOQ?
For ABC cable MOQ is 1000m.

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