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Brand Name :

Model Number :
MV cable

Certification :

Place of Origin :


Price :

Payment Terms :
L/C, T/T

Supply Ability :
20 kilometer/ day

Delivery Time :
10~15 working days

Packaging Details :
100 meters per roll or according to the customer’s request.

Type :
Medium voltage

Conductor :
pure copper conductor

No.of core :

Size :

Insulation :

Armour :
Steel Tape

Sheath :

Voltage :
3.6/6kv 8.7/15kv 12/20kv 25/36kv

Application :
Underground, Power Station

MV Cu/XLPE/STA/PVC cable N2XSY copper conductor with xlpe insulation N2XS2Y power cable

1. Construction

  • Conductor: Plain annealed copper complying with IEC 60228 class 1 or 2.
  • Conductor Screen: The conductor screen consists of an extruded layer of non metallic, semi-conducting compound firmly bonded to the insulation to exclude all air voids.
  • Insulation:XLPE
  • Insulaton Screen: Double copper tape or copper wires applied helically with copper tape
  • Separation Sheath (for armoured cable): The separation sheath comprises a layer of extruded PVC, PE or LSZH, applied under the armour .
  • Lapped Bedding : The lapped bedding consists of Polyester non woven fabrics .
  • Armour (for armoured cable): Galvanized steel wire armour
  • Outer Sheath: PVC, PE or LSZH can be offered as an option

2. Installation and operation condition

  • Operating Temperature: up to 90°C
  • Short Circuit Temperature( 5 seconds maximum duration ): 250°C
  • Bending Radius: 12 x OD
  • Current Rating Conditions:
  • Ground Temperature: 20°C
  • Ambient Temperature (air): 30°C
  • Depth of Soil: 0.8m
  • Thermal Resistance of Soil: 1.5K•m/W

3. Technical parameters

Nominal cross-section


Insulation thickness





Operation voltage max.




Current ratings in air


Current ratings underground


Reference weight


1×35 4.5 1.7 17.5 22.9 205 190 779
1×50 4.5 1.7 17.5 24.2 245 225 952
1×70 4.5 1.8 17.5 26.1 305 275 1190
1×95 4.5 1.9 17.5 27.7 370 330 1461
1×120 4.5 1.9 17.5 29.3 430 375 1738
1×150 4.5 2.0 17.5 30.9 490 425 2054
1×185 4.5 2.0 17.5 32.7 560 480 2427
1×240 4.5 2.1 17.5 35.1 665 555 3001
1×300 4.5 2.2 17.5 37.3 765 630 3604
1×400 4.5 2.3 17.5 41.9 890 725 4702

4. Features

  • Heat resistance: The mesh XLPE has excellent heat resistance.Does not decompose under 200 °C and carbonization, long-term working temperature is 90 °C, hot life up to 40 years.
  • Insulation performance: XLPE maintains the good insulation characteristics of PE, and the insulation resistance further increases.The tangent of dielectric loss Angle is very small, and it is not affected by temperature.
  • Mechanical properties: The hardness, stiffness, abrasion resistance and impact resistance of XLPE are improved due to the establishment of new chemical bonds between macromolecules, thus making up for the vulnerability of PE to environmental stress and cracking.
  • Chemical resistance: XLPE has strong acid and alkali resistance and oil resistance, and its combustion products are mainly water and carbon dioxide, which are less harmful to the environment and meet the requirements of modern fire safety.

5. Application

The cables are designed for distribution of electrical power with nominal voltage Uo/U ranging from 1.8/3KV to 26/35KV and frequency 50Hz. They are suitable for installation mostly in power supply stations, indoors and in cable ducts, outdoors, underground and in water as well as for installation on cable trays for industries, switchboards and power stations.

6. Product Image

Product Package

7. Product standard

IEC 60502, GB/T 12706, BS 6622, BS 7835, VDE 0276 .

8. Company certificate

ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CCC, CE, CB, RoHS, China TOP 100 Enterprises in Cables industry, Guangdong TOP 20 Enterprises in Cables industry and others.

9. Company information

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