Peru: Low voltage underground line project

The purpose of this project is to supply the energy demanded by an urban action from part of the Arequipa Avenue, in addition to improving and expanding the underground network of GE Cable for the distribution of electric power to provide a regular electric service, considering the expansion forecasts of the territory affected by the installation. The object of the present project is to specify the technical and execution conditions of the underground network of low voltage to 230/400 V, destined to supply electrical energy to the different plots of the execution unit. Description of the facilities.

Peru: Low voltage underground line project

The cables will be housed in ditches with a minimum depth of 0.90 m and a width that allows opening and laying operations with a minimum width of 0.60 m. At the bottom of the ditches, a layer of river sand of 10 cm will be placed on the cables, which will be covered with another layer of identical characteristics with a minimum thickness of 15 cm. There will be placed a protection or mechanical witness, which can be constituted by scrapers or bricks, placed transversely on the direction of the cable layout, or plates of plastic material (polyethylene). Above the protection, another layer will be laid with soil from the excavation, 25 cm thick rammed by manual means. Take care that this layer of earth without stones or debris. On this layer a yellow-orange polyethylene band will be placed according to RU0205 in which the existence of electric cables is noticed. Then the trench will be filled with earth from the excavation, using mechanical means for its tampering and compaction. Finally, the surface will be reconstructed with the same type and quality of the existing material before opening. Conclusion The Industrial Technician that subscribes considers that in the present report and other documents that accompany it, the installation object of the project is sufficiently described, in order to ensure its correct operation.


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