PVC Insulated Power Cable Electrical Cable 3*240 Sq.Mm Installed In Cable Ducts

 China PVC Insulated Power Cable Electrical Cable 3*240 Sq.Mm Installed In Cable Ducts supplier

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Brand Name :
Chengtiantai Cable

Model Number :

Certification :

Place of Origin :
Shenzhen, Mainland China

500 m

Price :
On Request

Payment Terms :
L/C, T/T

Supply Ability :
20 km / day

Delivery Time :
15 working days after payments

Packaging Details :
Steel Wooden Drum

Rated Voltage :
0.6 / 1 KV

Conductor :
Bare Copper

No. Of Cores :
3 Cores

Insulation :

Armoured Type :

Sheath :
PVC Compound

3*240 sq.mm PVC Multi-core cable to IEC 60502-1 Cu-conductor, PVC Insulated and sheathed

0.6/1kV, PVC Insulated Cables according to IEC 60502-1 (unarmoured)

Power cables for energy supply are installed in open air, in underground, indoors, in cable ducts, power stations, residental connections and street lighting as well as in subscriber networks, where mechanical damages are not be expected.

Quick details


Nominal cross section:3X240mm2

Overall diameter Ø approx:48.1mm

Net weight approx: 7437 kg/km

Conductor DC resistant at 20°C:0.08Ω/km

Electrical characteristics


Rated voltage Uo/U (Um): 600 / 1000 V

Maximum current rating air 30°C:498A

Maximum current rating buried 20°C: 485A

Maximum DC resistance, conductor 20°C:0.08Ω / km

Test voltage: 4000 V

Dimensional characteristics


Nominal cross-section: 240 mm2

No of Conductors: single 3 Core

Insulation thickness: 1.7mm

sheath thickness nominal value:2.6 mm

Max overall diameter Ø: 48.1 mm

Approximate weight:7437 kg/km

Usage characteristics


Maximum operating temperature: 90 °C

Short circuit temperature: +250°C (short circuit duration max. 5 s)

during installation up to -20°C

Temperature range: – 20 to + 90 °C

Minimum bending radius:15 x cable Ø



International: IEC 60502-1
National:GB/ T 12706.1-2008

Construction characteristics

1. Conductor
– Bare copper conductor, Class 2 to IEC 60228

–​ For smaller sizes, a solid round conductor, Class 1
2. Insulation: XLPE Compound

3. Filler: PP filler
4. Outer Sheath :PVC Compound
5. Sheath colour :Black


when required for a particular application, other colors are available.



For prompt quotation / supplies please make sure your inquiries and your orders are
securing the following data :

1 – International or Special Standard. (Alternatively, the precise usage of the cable.)
2 – Rated voltage.
3 – Copper or Aluminium conductors.
4 – Size of each conductor.
5 – Insulation material : XLPE or others.
6 – Number and identification of conductors.
7 – Other requirements.
8 – Packing.
9 – Required delivery time.
10 – Required validity.

Shenzhen chengtiantai cable

Cable production started 1983 with 35 years of cable manufacturing experience.Sales in 2016 about 500 million USD

Our production in numbers

200 Sets Of Testing Equipment, 100 Testing Items, 8 workshop

40 wire drawing machines,10 bunching machines, 28 Extruder system, 42 stranding machines,10 Braiding machines

Manufacturing Plant

100,000 m2 Production area

2 Manufacturing plant
1 R&D Center

350 Will-trained employees

Our products at a glance

–​ Medium voltage power cable

–​ 0.6/1 kV Low volate power cable

–​ Copper building wire up to 750 Volts

–​ Ethernet Lan cable cat.5e, cat6, cat.6A cat.7

–​ Control cable

–​ Fibre optical cable

–​ Coxial cable


Tel:+86 755 6114 5028
Fax:+86 755 61137976
E-mail : [email protected]

Head office:

Chengtiantai Industrial Park, Lisonglang community, Gongming office, Guangming district, Shenzhen P.R. China 518106

Physical and Electrical Characteristics:


A1 – Thermally insolated wall (Single-core) A2 – Thermally insolated wall (multi-core) B1 – Apparent electroduct (Single-core) B2 – Apparent electroduct (multi-core)
B1 – Electroduct in brickwork (Single-core) B1 – Electroduct in brickwork (multi-core) C – On the wall  C – On the ceiling
C – Non-perforated tray F – Perforated tray (Single-core) F – Perforated tray (multi-core) F –Suspended (Single-core)
E – Suspended (multi-core) B2 – Construction space B2 – Construction space B1 – Electroduct (Single-core)
B2 – Electroduct (Multi-core) B2 – Closed raceway embedded in floor (multi-core) B2 – Closed raceway embedded in floor (multi-core) B1 – Ventilated raceway embedded in floor
C – Embedded in the brickwork D – Buried in additional mechanical protection

Cable Drum Data

CABLE DRUMS D1=Flange Diameter(mm) W=Useful Width (mm) D2=Barrel Diameter(mm)
1000 700 500
1100 700 550
1200 700 600
1400 750 710
1600 900 900
1800 1120 1000
2400 1150 1300



For a period commencing on the date shipped the Goods to Buyer and continuing for a period of 12 months thereafter.



  • Photographs are not to scale and do not represent detailed images of the respective products
  • Sale to business customers only
  • Information in this document is subject to change without notice

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