Transmission Line Aluminum Wheel Conductor Stringing Pulley Block

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Brand Name :Suntech
Model Number :Conductor Stringing Blocks
Certification :ISO
Place of Origin :Ningbo,China
Price :Get the newest price
Payment Terms :L/C , T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability :2000 pcs per month
Delivery Time :15 days after Payment
Packaging Details :Exported Wooden Boxes and Pallets
Name :Stringing Pulley Block
Wheels :Aluminum or Nylon with rubber
Application :Power Transmission
Usage :Constuction works
Sizes :Customized
Surface Treatment :Galvanised

Transmission Line Aluminum Wheel Conductor Stringing Pulley Block

Stringing blocks have different diameter were used to string different conductors.

Our Large diameter stringing blocks are High strength and flexibility,easy to use,light weight,and long service.

Protect the cable and conductor from fricting when they are laying.They can save time and effort.

a. We manufacture a lot of models for different uses in the overhead transmission line construction.

b. They have are used to support conductors,OPGW,ADSS, communicatio lines.

c. The sheave of the pulley blocks are made from higth strength MC nylon,or aluminum materials ,and the frame of blocks are made of galvanized steel.The lateral ones are mounted on ball bearings.

All kinds of pulley blocks can be manufactured according to the customers's requirements.

If any interested,please feel free to contact with us for more information,and we will try our best to comply with your requirements


Wheel size Diameter x Width


Conductor size


Rated load




Wheel material
SHD-120X30 120×30 25~70 5 2.1 Aluminum
SHD-160X40 160X40 95~120 10 3.1
SHD-200X40 200X40 150~240 15 3.7
SHD-200X60 200X60 150~240 15 4.1
SHD-250X40 250X40 150~240 20 5.1
SHD-250X60 250X60 300~400 20 5.4
SHD-270X60 270X60 300~400 20 6.7
SHD-320X60 320X60 300~400 20 10.4
SHD-400X80 400X80 400~500 20 11.9
SHDN-120X30 120×30 25~70 5 1.5 Nylon
SHDN-160X40 160X40 95~120 10 2.3
SHDN-200X40 200X40 150~240 15 2.5
SHDN-200X60 200X60 150~240 15 3.0
SHDN-250X40 250X40 150~240 20 3.6
SHDN-250X60 250X60 300~400 20 3.8
SHDN-270X60 270X60 300~400 20 4.3
SHDN-320X60 320X60 300~400 20 7.5
SHDN-400X80 400X80 400~500 20 8
SHD-508X75 508X75 ≤400 20 22.3 Aluminum
SHD-660X100 660X100 ≤500 20 30
SHDN-508X75 508X75 ≤400 20 18 Nylon
SHDN-660X100 660X100 ≤500 20 20
SHDN-822X110 830X110 ≤630 30 25
SHDN-916X110 916X110 ≤800 50 45
SHDN-1040X125 1040X125 ≤1000 55 105
SHDN-1160X150 1160X150 ≤1250 60 165
SHDNN-255X110 255X110 ≤630 100 77
SHDNN-325X150 325X150 ≤1520 120 85

About us: Suntech Power Tools, which located in the southeast China, it is the earliest origin Power Tools Leading City in China.We are making the various related cable pulling tools, and hydraulic tension and puller to support the transmission work.All canaccept OEM and professionally produced per ISO 9001:2008, they are being sold to over more than 50 countries in the world,and has wined the best brand reputations. Some items like the stringing blocks,cable rollers,the cable jack stands,etc we can customized, and the Construction Safety Tools ,are not demanded the MOQ. You can freely help you out either

We are China Transmission Line Aluminum Wheel Conductor Stringing Pulley Block manufacture and supplier,You can get more details with Email,you will get cheap price or factory price.

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