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Model Number :Special Cables
Place of Origin :Henan, China (Mainland)
MOQ :200 Meter/Me
Price :US $1-50 / Meters | 200 Meter/Meters (Min. Order)
Insulation Material :XLPE
Conductor Material :Copper
Jacket :XLPE
Certificate :ISO9001/ISO14001
Product name :Variable Frequency Drive Cable
Screen :copper tape

Variable Frequency Drive Cable / Special Cables XLPE Insulation

Variable Frequency Drive Cable

Product Description




VFD cable is mainly used for connecting the cable between the variable frequency power supply and the variable frequency motor, as well as the transmission and distribution lines with a rated voltage of 1 KV and below, for transmission of electrical energy. Especially suitable for papermaking, metallurgy, metal processing, mining, railway and food processing industries.



The structure includes three main core insulated and three earth core insulated . Outside includes wrapping layer , copper tape layer , outer sheath. 3+3 core structure makes the cable has a strong voltage shock resistance, can withstand the pulse voltage of high frequency and frequent frequency conversion, play a good protection role for the frequency conversion appliance



1.Rated voltage 0.6/1KV

2. Conductor max. operating temperature is90℃ for long time,max.temperature is 250℃ for a short circuit.

3. Installation temperature not less than 0℃

4. The min. allowable bending radius is not less than 15D




Instrument cable

Product Data Sheet
Cable size  Conductor Dia. Insulation thickness Copper tape shield thickness Outer sheath thickness Approx. cable dia. Approx. Cable weight
Phase Earth Phase Earth Phase Earth Individual Overall
mm2 mm mm mm mm mm mm kg/km
2.5 0.5 2.01 0.8 0.7 0.5 Min.0.05 1.8 13.4 390.2
4 0.75 2.55 0.99 0.7 0.5 Min.0.05 1.8 14.8 484.1
6 1 3.12 1.14 0.7 0.6 Min.0.05 1.8 16.1 590.3
10 1.5 4.05 1.4 0.7 0.7 Min.0.05 1.8 18.4 793.3
16 2.5 5.13 1.8 0.7 0.7 Min.0.05 Min.0.05 1.8 21.4 1129.5
25 4 6 2.28 0.9 0.7 Min.0.05 Min.0.05 1.8 24.5 1545.9
35 6 7 2.79 0.9 0.7 Min.0.05 Min.0.05 1.8 26.9 1968.5
50 10 8.2 4.2 1 0.7 Min.0.05 Min.0.05 1.8 30.3 2636.6
70 10 9.9 4.2 1.1 0.7 Min.0.05 Min.0.05 1.8 34.9 3382.4
95 16 11.6 5.3 1.1 0.7 Min.0.05 Min.0.05 1.8 39 4407.8
120 25 13 6.7 1.2 0.9 Min.0.05 Min.0.05 1.8 42.9 5538
150 35 14.4 7.9 1.4 0.9 Min.0.05 Min.0.05 2.5 48.7 7015.3
185 35 16.2 7.9 1.6 0.9 Min.0.05 Min.0.05 2.7 54.5 8332.7
240 50 18.6 9.5 1.7 1.1 Min.0.05 Min.0.05 2.9 61.2 10685





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Company Information
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Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trade company?
A: We are cable manufacturer with 15 years production experience and more than 10 years export experience.
Q2: What`s your export business type / customer groups?
A: Our business includes: Retail, wholesale, government project supply, private engineering supply, international bidding, customer requirements production, OEM , etc. And our customers are : Retailers, Wholesalers, Electric Power Companies, Oil companies, EPC companies, Electrical equipment manufacturers, Factories, Agents, Brokers , etc. No matter which field you are in , if you need cables , just contact us !
Q3: I do not know how to choose what I need. / I have not found the cable type and size I need on this page.
A: Please do not worry. Contact us and send us your requirements, we will help you to choose correct cable you need. If you have below information is better: Cable voltage, conductor material, Insulation and Outer sheath material, armor type. Otherwise you can provide us the cable installation environment, application requirements, etc.
Q4: When can I get the price ?
A: Normally you can get our feedback within 24 hours upon we get your inquiries. As soon as necessary product information is confirmed, our quotation will reach you within 24 hours. For large project and multi-items more than 50 items, we need 3-5 days more.


Q5: What’s your MOQ?/ How long is your delivery time?
A: MOQ & Delivery time both according to different product, product size, production construction. Welcome to contact us for further communication. Anyway, we will try our best to support you!
Q6: What’s your trade term and payment term?
A: Mostly used trade term is EXW, FOB , CFR/CNF, CIF. Payment term varies from different contract value and commercial clauses. Normally 30% TT advance payment is required, the balance payment by TT / LC .
Q7: What`s your quality guarantee and period.
A: We guarantee that all of our products are free from defects. We will take back any product that does not meet the agreed quality by both parties. Usually the guarantee period is 18 months after shipment and 12 months after installation, which is earlier .


Q8: Does your price include destination custom clearance , import tax , installation service ?
A: Sorry, currently we only supply cables and provide shipping service in China. Other services should be re-quoted and negotiated by both parties.

Looking forward to cooperating with you.

We are China Variable Frequency Drive Cable / Special Cables XLPE Insulation manufacture and supplier,You can get more details with Email,you will get cheap price or factory price.

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