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L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

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15~20 Days

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As per customer request

Application :
Construction,Industrial,Underground,Power Station,BUILDING

Type :
Mineral insulated

Conductor :
Bare Copper

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Insulation :
mica tape + mineral material

Sheath :
Corrugated Copper

color :

Core :
1C, 2C, 3C, 4C,5C, 3+1C, 3+2C,4+1C

YTTW RTTZ Fire Resistant Cable Corrugated Copper Metallic Sheath CCC Approved power cables

Production Description:

1. Structure of flexible fireproof cable

1. Cable conductor: it is made up of stranded copper wires, with favorable flexural property

2. Insulation layer : it adopts high-temperature resistant inorganic insulating materials

3. Copper sheath: copper materials, through special machining, with favorable flexural property. used as PE wire.

4. Outer sheath: it is made of plastic materials of low-smoke non-toxicity, with favorable corrosion protection.

Model of flexible fireproof cable


Y: series Symbol

T: Cooper conductor

T: Copper sheath

W: Inorganic insulation

. According to national standards, fire-resistant wire and cable: fire test method characteristic test, According to GB12666. 6 Class A, burn in fire with flame temperature 950℃ apply voltage of 750V between phase and phase and between phase and outer sheath it should be able to withstand for 90min without breakdown.

Class B, bun in fire with flame temperature 750-800 ° C, apply voltage of 750V between phase and phase and between phase and sheath it should be able to withstand for 90 min without breakdown.

2. According to the BS6378, flexible fireproof cable satisfies the following requirements:

Class A 650 ℃ 3h

Class B 750 ℃ 3h

Class C 950 ℃ 3h

Class S 950 ℃ 20min

2. Advantages:

— Flame Retardant
— High Operating Temperatures
— LSOH Halogen-free
— Great Mechanical Strength
— Competitive Installed Cost
— Public Places

3. Application:

1. Public service

Railway stations, road & rail tunnels, public lighting, car parks, public service buildings.

2. Property & personal safety

Shopping malls, airports, underground rail systems, schools, hospitals, hotels, theatres, churches.

3. High temperature situation

Foundries, power stations, boiler houses, iron & steel industries, marine & ship buildings.

4. Potentially explosive area

Refineries, chemical plants, oil & gas production, filling stations, processing plants, garages.

5. Hygiene situation

Food & drink processing, pharmaceutical works, hospitals, kitchens, refrigeration plants.

6. General installation

Power distribution & sub circuits, fire alarms & emergency, lifts & escalators lighting, lighting & power.

4. Special Characteristics:

1. Fire resistant

Will neither burn or support combustion. Comply with the requirements of IEC 60331 and BS 6387.

2. High operation temperature

Continuous operating temperature up to 250 °C, and for short periods up to approaching the melting point of copper 1083 °C.

3. Inherent flameproof barrier

With a non-flammable sheath the high compacted insulation will resist the transmission of vapors, gases or flames.

4. High mechanical strength

Really robust and can withstand a considerable amount of stresses such as, twisting, bending and flattening.

5. Pliable

Fully annealed and extremely ductile and easily manipulated to follow existing wiring routes and irregular shapes.

6. Non-ageing, Integral earth continuity, Small overall diameter

Waterproof, Corrosion resistant, Radiation resistant, Excellent electric shielding, Easy installation, Long service life

7. Tabular data

1. Conductor material: Bare Copper
2. Outer Sheath LSZH
3.Insulation Material mica tape + mineral material
4.Inner Sheath Corrugated Copper

8. Product Image

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