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1 Set

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Payment Terms :
L/C, T/T,Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability :
2000pcs per month

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5-7 days after payment

Packaging Details :
Exporting Cases or Containers

Nylon Material :

Name :
Stringing Conductor Block

Usage :
ACSR Conductor

Applicable Conductor ACSR :

Type :
Single Wheel Stringing Blocks

Rated Load :

Transmission Line Conductor Stringing Block And Pulley ,Heavy Duty Pulley Block

Suntech Power is a Professional manufacturer of transmission line stringing tools and equipments in Ningbo,China. Such as conductor stringing blocks,cable roller,hoisting tackles,pulley blocks,conductor grippers,cable reel stand,gin poles,inspection trolleys,hydraulic puller tensioner,conductor compressors,cable pulling winch,anti twisting wire steel rope,etc.

Use and Characteristic

Apply to pull conductor on straight pole.Splicing sleeve,steel wire rope and connector can pass through the groove.

Pulley Block With Hook Single Sheave is used for releasing the aluminum wire, ACSR, insulated wire in pole and tower erection.

The wheel groove can be through with clamp pipe, aluminum tube, connector etc..

The material is aluminum alloy and MC nylon .

Pulley pendant is combined plate and hook type.

The stringing roller is suitable to string single stranded aluminum and ACSR conductors on tangent structures in overhead transmission line.
The sheaves of stringing block are made of aluminum alloy lined with neoprene or high strength MC nylon. All the sheaves are mounted on ball bearings. The frame of block is made of galvanized steel.

Item number Model Suitable conductor Rated load Weight Remark
(kN) (kg)
10171 SHD-120×30 LGJ25~70 5 1.5
10172 SHD-160×40 LGJ95~120 10 2.5 Aluminium sheave
10173 SHD-200×40 LGJ150~240 15 4
10174 SHD-200×60 LGJ150~240 15 4.6
10175 SHD-250×40 LGJ150~240 20 4.6
10176 SHD-250×60 LGJ300~400 20 6
10177 SHD-270×60 LGJ300~400 20 7
10178 SHD-320×60 LGJ300~400 20 9.5
10179 SHD-400×80 LGJ400~500 20 15
10191 SHDN-120×30 LGJ25~70 5 1.5
10192 SHDN-160×40 LGJ95~120 10 2.5 Nylon sheave
10193 SHDN-200×40 LGJ150~240 15 3.6
10194 SHDN-200×60 LGJ150~240 15 4
10195 SHDN-250×40 LGJ150~240 20 4
10196 SHDN-250×60 LGJ300~400 20 4.5
10197 SHDN-270×60 LGJ300~400 20 5.6
10198 SHDN-320×60 LGJ300~400 20 6.7
10198-1 SHDN-320×80 LGJ300~400 20 8
10199 SHDN-400×80 LGJ400~500 20 13
10199-1 SHDN-400×100 LGJ400~500 20 15
10199-2 SHDN-400×120 LGJ400~500 20 18

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