Overhead Line Aluminum Sheave Cable Pulley Block For Conductor

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Brand Name :

Model Number :
508mm X100mm

Certification :

Place of Origin :


Price :

Payment Terms :
L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability :
8000 sets per month

Delivery Time :

Packaging Details :
Exported Wooden Case or Containers

Structure :
Middle Steel Wheel,Others Nylon

Type :
Overhead Cable Stringing Blocks

Outdiameter :
508x100mm or 508x75mm

Material Of Sheaves :
Nylon Or Aluminum Alloy

Capacity :

Packing :
Container, Plywood

Single Aluminum Cable Pulley Blocks For Conductor overhead line stringing tools

The 508MM Overhead Conductor Stringing Blocks (Running out blocks) are used for overhead transmisson line conductor or OPGW stringing. The sheave of blocks is made in aluminum alloy lined with neoprene or high strength MC Nylon.

Application: It is suitable to string single, two or three, four stranded aluminum and ACSR conductors on tangent structures. Compression sleeves, swivel connectors, and pulling rope connectors can pass through the groove. The sheave is made in aluminum alloy or high strength nylon. The size 508X75 mm aluminum alloy sheave can be lined with neoprene.

Professional manufacture of conductor stringing blocks (conductor pulleys) in China, products are exported to more than 50 countries in the world. We produce single sheave, 3 sheaves, 5 sheaves, 7 sheaves, 9 sheaves stringing blocks, include helicopter stringing blocks. Our stringing blocks are produced under special and strict process: 1. Steel frames are welded by welding robot. 2. Shot peening surface treatment before galvanization. 3. Best ball bearings and special grease according to different conditions. 4. Strict assemble procedure, load test before ex-works.

508MM Overhead Transmission Line Cable Stringing Blocks

Item No. Model ACSR Size Range (mm²) Working Load (KN) Weight (kg) Material of Sheave
10101 SHD508 300-400 20 18 Aluminum alloy
10104 SHDN508 300-400 20 16 MC Nylon
10104A SHDN508X100 300-400 20 17 MC Nylon
10102 SHS508 300-400 40 61 Central steel or Nylon sheave, Side sheave Aluminum lined with neoprene
10105 SHSLN508 300-400 40 47
10107 SHSQN508 300-400 40 43 Nylon, optional can be lined with neoprene
10107A SHSQN508X100 400 40 46
10108 SHWQN508 300-400 60 70
10108A SHWQN508X100 300-400 60 76

Aluminum sheave is die casted with high stregnth and light weight.


1. Clevis fitting are optional, please specify when ordering. Customized blocks could be supplied on request. The data in the model means the outer diameter of sheave X width of sheave (mm).

2. All the sheaves are mounted on ball bearings. The frame of blocks is made in galvanized steel.

We have made a lot of stringing blocks with aluminum alloy sheave lined with neoprene.

We are China Overhead Line Aluminum Sheave Cable Pulley Block For Conductor manufacture and supplier,You can get more details with Email,you will get cheap price or factory price.

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